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Why Acute Doctor?

As a Medical platform, Acute Doctor works for connecting clinics, hospitals, and Med-Tech companies to reach further and become global providers. They are the core of our business. In order to be relevant as an organization, it is important that we have a constructive exchange of knowledge and dialogue with our stakeholders and also worldwide in which we operate.

As the Acute Doctor network, you are involved in influencing the future of the global medical technology industry. You also get access to our network, experts, meetings, advice, groups, and much more. As the Acute Doctor network, you are involved in influencing the future of the global medical technology industry. You also get access to our network, experts, meetings, advice, groups, and much more.


Acute Doctor is an online medical care provider. We are Swedish-based and our mission is to provide a super easy-to-use medical care platform. Acute Doctor connects international medical providers with their patients from all around the world.


What makes us different from our competitors?

  • Acute doctors’ mission is to internationalize medical providers. Especially when there is a Doctor/specialist Shortage in the patient’s residential area and there is an acute medical emergency.

  • Our online medical platform combines a pleasant experience for patients with best-in-class technology in order to facilitate access to professional medical providers.

  • No need to download software to use our web-based services

  • Our app is super easy to use and patients need to create their account once and they are done for life.


Why do patients need the Acute Doctor platform?

  • When patients need access to innovative medical procedures.

  • When patients don’t have time to waste regarding their treatment.

  • When patients need to perform plastic surgery in an exotic location and need their privacy.

  • When a patient’s place of birth has limited health resources and cannot provide the medical expertise they need locally.

  • When patients with an incurable condition seek miracle treatment.

  • When patients need special transplant surgery and acute time availability is needed.

  • When patients have been declined treatment in their home country and can get it in another country.


How to join Acute Doctor as a medical provider?

  • Answer the survey that has been emailed to you by us.

  • Answer the survey on the Acute Doctor website.


How much does it cost to join Acute Doctor?

You can view our pricing list here.


What are the benefits of online medical care?

Online medical care provides access to professional medical care providers regardless of distance, place of birth, or different time zone and creates more comfort for patients. This helps patients get the care they need more easily and helps providers see more patients in less time. Learn more about the Advantages of Telemedicine.

Why Acute Doctor platform is HIPAA compliant?

Protecting our patient’s and medical providers’ information is our highest priority and it is obvious to us to try our best to become the safest platform in our sector. Being HIPAA compliant is one of the measures that we take to ensure the safety required.

Do we offer free doctor consultations for children in developing countries?

Yes! Acute Doctor will create a free doctor consultation in order to help children, girls, women, and people in need in developing countries. Also, we offer cost-effective prices for non-profit organizations simply because we want them to use our services as often as possible. Send us an email and tell us how we can assist you.

Do I need a signed agreement to join Acute Doctor?

No! We don’t need a signed agreement between us. As long as our term of service is accepted by you then we have all we need from you. Our ultimate goal is to save lives or at least increase life quality for people in need. You can terminate your collaboration with us at any time.

How long does it take to get my clinic account online?

We can have the Clinic account branded in 24 hours once we get your logos and color choices.


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