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Advanced FUE Hair Clinic Advanced FUE Hair Clinic

Advanced FUE Hair Clinic

  • Our clinic has the most advanced equipment and techniques for diagnosing hair loss.

Onboard Doctors

No Onboard Doctors.

About “Advanced FUE Hair Clinic”

Advanced FUE Hair Clinic is a qualified clinic in the center of Tirana, which is specialized in hair transplantation. Using innovative methods and modern equipment for hair loss combined with the outstanding surgical skills of our experts, we make sure to give a full transformation in the patient’s look.

Advanced FUE Hair Clinic has accomplished lots of hair transplantation and hair treatments, and the results are astounding.
Our main purpose is to offer the patients the best quality of service and successful results.

With 15 years of experience, our experts are the best in their work. Advanced FUE Hair Clinic guarantees you a natural appearance and hair that will never fall again.

Hair loss problems?

We have the solution!
We recognize and understand different types of hair loss and how much impact has this phenomenon on everybody’s life.

Why we care?

Nothing is more encouraging for us than seeing our patients that are glad about the final results of our work. Restoring the hair, it’s not a dream anymore.

Our Staff

Our staff of 10 experts, specialized surgeons, and consultants are ready to help you, with your hair problems. We invite you to take a FREE consultation, where you can understand what type of hair problem do you have, what is the optimal solution for you, and why you will make the right choice for choosing us!

Offered Services