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Aichi Lanka Medical Centre

  • A healthier life for everyone is our only goal at Aichi Lanka.

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About “Aichi Lanka Medical Centre”

Welcome to Aichi Lanka Medical Centre

We at Aichi Lanka Medical Centre are committed to serving all your medical needs.

We are a Government approved private medical institution, dedicated to providing professional medical solutions from Neuro to Ortho, Paediatrics to Cardio, Eye, Nerve, Dental and comprehensive range of medical examinations, supported by pharmaceutical services, yoga and unlimited consultations.


Our only mission is to provide you the experts in all the medical services under one roof. We have developed our services to enable easy access for you and your family, so that the medical attention you need be readily available. Our advanced technologies are invaluable in the medical decision making, so that you receive the best and fastest care you need. At Aichi Lanka Medical Centre, we shoulder all your short and long-term medical concerns and are dedicated to assist you find the best solutions for a life full of contentment. If you have any concerns about how to use our services or how to access the information, please contact us in your most convenient way and we will shoulder it all for you. From taking an appointment or immediate medical assistance to thorough medical examinations, our team of well trained and experienced doctors and staff are only ready to serve your medical needs in the most efficient, professional and kind manner.

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