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  • Around 170 medical facilities in 14 states and more than two million treated patients place Asklepios firmly in the group of Germany's pre-eminent clinic operators.

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About “Asklepios”

Founded in 1985, Asklepios today has around 170 healthcare facilities and is one of the largest private-sector clinic operators in Germany. Our actions as a company have always been designed to deliver cutting-edge medicine based on the most rigorous safety standards to all the patients placed in our care. The broad range of services we provide ensure that our 67,000 employees enjoy varied work and exciting challenges. We have healthcare facilities in 14 of Germany’s federal states.

Some highlights from our Group

  • Six maximum care clinics
  • Europe’s largest clinic cluster in Hamburg
  • German Children’s Heart Centre in St. Augustin, North Rhine-Westphalia, as the largest facility of its kind
  • Comprehensive Pneumology Centre in Munich-Gauting
  • Centre of orthopaedic excellence in Bad Abbach
  • One of Germany’s largest maternity clinics in Hamburg-Altona
  • One of the largest clinic operators for psychiatric medicine in Germany, including involuntary treatment in Stadtroda, Brandenburg, Wiesen, Hamburg and many more.

People are at the heart of our entire philosophy. The personal touch is essential to restoring health in advanced medicine as well. Every patient should be assured of this to the greatest possible degree.

The doctors and healthcare assistants in our facilities treat over two million patients each year. More than 26,500 beds are available to provide this care.

We took over the public hospitals from the City of Hamburg in 2004 and have since operated the largest clinic cluster at a single location in Europe.

Asklepios acquired the majority shareholding in MediClin AG in 2011. MediClin is active Germany-wide as a clinic operator in the areas of neurology, psychosomatics, psychiatry, orthopaedics and geriatrics. With its 34 clinics, seven care homes and eight medical care centres, MediClin is present in eleven German states and has a total capacity of around 8,000 beds. The clinics are acute care facilities within the primary, standard and tertiary healthcare system and rehab centres. MediClin has around 9,000 employees.

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