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Batıgöz Health Group Netherlands Batıgöz Health Group Netherlands

Batıgöz Health Group Netherlands

  • We offer you a qualified health service with our academic specialists who have achieved success at home and abroad.

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About “Batıgöz Health Group Netherlands”

Batıgöz Health Group, which is a healthcare organization that follows and applies advanced technology in its field has adopted the principle of providing patient-oriented service with its expert physician staff and professional team at its domestic and foreign centers.

Batıgöz Health Group, which was born in İzmir in 2004 continues to grow with the highest quality service concept in eye health field. With its new generation technology devices, expert physicians and experienced staff, it continues to serve in Izmir, Istanbul Manisa and Hatay – İskenderun in Turkey. Also proved its success in the international arena with its high quality service concept in Romania, Ukraine and Netherlands .

Based on its success in the diagnosis and treatment of ophthalmology, Batıgöz has established Balçova Surgical Medical Center at the end of 2017, which includes 17 different branches.

Batıgöz Health Group adopts new treatment methods and technological developments in the medical world and adapts rapidly to all centers within its body. Providing health service with advanced technology diagnostic and treatment devices, Batıgöz always focuses on patient satisfaction with its specialists and experienced health personnel. In all the centers of Batıgöz, everything was considered for the patients to receive the most comfortable service from the first time they were examined until the time they were discharged.

The Batıgöz Health Group also provides quality-oriented professional health services to international patients. Batigoz has become the most preferred choice of foreign patients with its advanced technology and patient-oriented approach since its establishment in 2004. Batıgöz Health Group continues to serve thousands of people every day with 6 centers at home and 3 centers in abroad with its expert physicians and professional team on the journey of providing international quality health services.

Continuing its investments in both national and international markets, Batıgöz Health Group is also aiming to grow in other areas of medicine.

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