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BHR Clinic Athens

  • Offers you a professional and friendly environment giving you the bestknowledge, advice, and care.

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About “BHR Clinic Athens”

Bisanga Hair Restoration

For over 15 years, Dr Bisanga has been an elite and leading physician in the field of hair restoration surgery. His patients travel from all over the world to achieve the very best results possible.

Dr Bisanga has brought together an extremely talented and passionate team of Doctors, to be able to offer the very highest quality FUE surgery at a surprisingly economical price point at our Athens Clinic.

Our mission is to bring you the finest techniques in hair restoration and design, while providing the highest level of care and attention. We pride ourselves on a transparent and comprehensive service that gives you the most impressive and natural looking hair transplant possible.

BHR Clinic is a pioneering FUE hair transplant centre and leading Hair Transplant Clinic in Europe. We provide you with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision. We appreciate that all patients are unique, and our thorough hair consultation helps us to determine what is the correct approach for you We endeavour to always have your long term well being as our priority.

At BHR Clinic it is very important to clearly establish each individuals objectives, allowing us to advise them about potential options and solutions that best meet their needs. As a result, our patients can then make informed decisions to achieve outstanding hair restoration results!

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