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  • We always endeavour to have your long term well-being as our priority.

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About “BHR Clinic”

BHR Clinic is an elite and pioneering FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant centre and leading Hair Transplant Clinic in Europe. We provide you with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision. We appreciate that all patients are unique, and our thorough hair consultation helps us to determine and tailor what is the correct approach for you. We always endeavour to have your long term well-being as our priority.

Your well-being is paramount

At BHR Clinic it is very important to clearly establish each individuals objectives, allowing us to advise you about potential options and solutions that best meet your needs. This allows you to make informed decisions to achieve outstanding hair restoration results.

Bringing Hope to Hair Loss Sufferers

Dr Bisanga is a world renowned Hair Transplant Surgeon with over 15 years experience in expertly refining and combining medical excellence and his unique artistic skill. Dr Bisanga has performed some of the largest and most demanding surgeries while continually pushing the boundaries to reach new levels of innovation. With a desire to expand the knowledge of the hair restoration field, Dr Bisanga offers to share his unparalleled expertise through extensive training to aspiring hair transplant surgeons. Many of whom have consequentially opened their own successful clinics and follow the precise protocols that they have learnt from such in-depth training.

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