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Hair Hungary Clinic

  • We provide our patients with access to exclusive therapies and surgical techniques that are revolutionary in the world.

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About “Hair Hungary Clinic”

The HairHungary Clinic is a member of the Hair-Aesthetic Clinic group, which team consists of professionals who are specialised in hair loss and hair treatment, and of countless doctors and assistants who are already accustomed to each other through many surgeries and professional training.

Our clinic’s professional protocol has reached today’s level in about 10 years, so that we can constantly provide high-standard and high-quality services for our patients.

Thanks to our experience of more than 10 years and to the fact that the HairHungary Clinic’s technical equipment and surgical knowledge is outstanding in the region, we know and apply all kinds of hair transplant methods with great professionality.

The FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) was the biggest breakthrough in the history of hair transplantation. We were the first to do such procedures in Hungary. In the following, our clinic was continuously developing the traditional FUE method for its version with the least caused trauma. This meant a major breakthrough in the means of hair extraction and its technique. The results are shown in the reduced surgical time and the safest handling of follicular units.

We were the first in Europe to use the United States-patented SafeSystem FUE process, as the innovation partner of HSC Colorado. Therefore, we gained international recognition for approximately 9 years already. Through our continuous professional collaboration, Dr. James Harris, one of the world’s most recognised hair transplant specialists, has been assisted and still assists our doctors.

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