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Hair Transplant Centre Berlin

  • Our hair clinic offers non-committal initial advice for an effective treatment.

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About “Hair Transplant Centre Berlin”


50 percent of men worldwide are affected by alopecia and loss of hair; and one out of three women also suffers from this problem. Since Antiquity, full, strong and healthy hair has been a marker of beauty. No other visual characteristic changes us as profoundly as the loss of our hair. Hair loss can impair our self-esteem and our whole well-being. Alopecia has numerous causes. Finding the right one is the first step to a successful therapy. One such therapy is hair transplantation: a sustainable, vital solution for hair loss.

Dr. Nina Otberg is a dermatologist who specialises in the diagnostics of alopecia and scalp issues. Since 2006, Dr. Otberg has been working in the field of hair transplant surgery. In 2010, she founded the Hair Transplant Centre Berlin – Potsdam, Otberg Medical.

The Hair Transplant Centre is affiliated to Haut- und Lasercentrum Berlin – Potsdam. Individual counselling prior to any hair transplant surgery is an essential requirement that helps us to meet our patients’ individual needs. Our hair clinic offers competent advice and a solution for any hair or scalp issue.

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