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HDC Hair Clinic HDC Hair Clinic

HDC Hair Clinic

  • We have sustainable successful natural results over the years. With HDC nothing will go wrong! And your result will always be natural and nice.

Onboard Doctors

No Onboard Doctors.

About “HDC Hair Clinic”

HDC Hair Transplant Clinic Offers:

  • Consistent State of the Art, natural looking results
  • Surgeries are performed by our reputable doctors
  • Competitive Prices ranging from €2.2 – €2.4 per graft
  • Unique Post Operation Experience

Further Information:

HDC Hair Transplant Clinic, is a leading hair restoration Clinic in Europe based in Nicosia Cyprus, specializing in Follicular Hair Transplantation (FUE). HDC was the first Clinic in Europe offering FUE since 2003 with sustainable state of the art results ever since, with a reputation of creating great natural hairlines which are designed to fit each and every individual patient. HDC has been publishing excellent natural results since 2003 in numerous international independent hair transplant forums. You can see a few in the photos below and many more in HDC’s website. The results are presented with clear before, post op and after photos.

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