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Heidelberg University Hospital

  • Heidelberg University Hospital is one of the most modern hospitals in Europe and offers almost all possible treatments for common and rare diseases

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About “Heidelberg University Hospital”

More than six hundred years ago, the first German university was founded in Heidelberg. Today, it attracts international acclaim for its life sciences – especially for medicine. As one of Europe’s largest and most modern medical centers, Heidelberg University Hospital’s more than 50 specialist departments offer medical care of the highest international standards in all areas of specialty with a focus on oncology care and on other diseases that require complex treatments. Heidelberg University Hospital’s active collaboration with national research facilities attracts patients from many countries worldwide.

Heidelberg University Hospital offers inpatients and outpatients an innovative and effective diagnosis and therapy for all complex diseases. Modern buildings with state-of-the-art equipment enable patients from all over Germany and many other countries to receive medical care that meets the highest international standards. The proximity and interlinking of the specialist departments benefit the patient: interdisciplinary cooperation ensures optimal treatment.

Progress and innovation are essential for promising medical treatment. Hundreds of doctors and scientists at Heidelberg University Hospital and its partner research institutes, such as the world-renowned German Cancer Research Center, pursue a common aim: the development of new forms of therapy and their quick implementation for the benefit of the patient.

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