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İzmir Private Can Hospital İzmir Private Can Hospital

İzmir Private Can Hospital

  • Sustainability with our forward-thinking services that build tomorrow as well as today.

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About “İzmir Private Can Hospital”

We, with our aesthetic and reconstructive surgeons and all other experienced surgical staff, work hard to meet your expectations. Can Hospitals offers health and beauty treatments for you with a service manner that saves time and cares for its patients.

First of all, we always have the latest technology medical diagnosis and treatment devices in all our hospitals, together with the understanding of health that we set out by saying CAN, and we offer the highest quality service by giving importance to your health.

The foundations of İzmir Private Can Hospital were laid in 2002 in Manisa Salihli, by specialist doctors, with the vision of “making positive breakthroughs in individual and social health”. Salihli Private Can Hospital received the TÜV-CERT Quality Certificate in 2008, and in 2016, it gained a respectable place in the region as the “Reference Hospital” that offers Manisa’s first and only adult and newborn tertiary level intensive care facilities with a bed capacity of 127 patients.

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