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Maison Lutétia Maison Lutétia

Maison Lutétia

  • 22+ years of experience and thousands of successful hair transplant operations guarantee your hair can be restored with Tsilosani Hair Transplantation Institute.

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About “Maison Lutétia”

Strategically located in Dubai Festival City, Maison Lutétia clinic is accessible to both selective local residents and those coming to the country for the day to get aesthetic treatments for naturally beautiful skin, body, and hair.

Delicately mixing the Parisian and Middle Eastern cultures, both the female and the mixed lounges are styled like an Arab majlis with fabrics, textures, antiques and a palette reminiscent of the Maison Lutétia Clinic in Paris.

The 14 treatment rooms are equipped with comfortable dressing areas and smart screens where patents can watch their favorite Netflix series. Patients who prefer discretion enter our plush VIP suite through a private entrance where they enjoy a private lounge, washroom, an upgraded treatment bed, and other amenities.

Nature has the ability to dazzle the senses. The sun warms your face, the wind blows through your hair, the ocean tastes salty on your tongue, the sound of rain lulls you into a deep sleep in the middle of the afternoon.

Maison Lutétia’s Aesthetic Clinic in Paris, and now Dubai, pays homage to the power and absolute beauty of nature… and to the true nature of beauty.

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