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MedArt Hair Clinic

  • We are constantly working to give you the best service in our clinic, where we have performed more than 15000 successful hair transplant operations to date.

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About “MedArt Hair Clinic”

We are a professional team who is only specialized in the field of hair transplantation with FUE technique. What makes us more special than other clinics is that we believe every single hair transplant operation is unique and we work patient oriented to understand and satisfy the personal expectations. To understand your expectations from the operation and not to face any miscommunication, we are at your service with professional interpreters who make simultaneous translations in Turkish, English, German, Arabic, Italian and Spanish.

Head Doctor at MedArt Clinic Dr. Tuna Tantan Williams,

Dr. Tuna Tantan Williams was born in 1975 in Istanbul. She got into Tbilisi State University, Faculty of Medicine. After completing her medical degree on general surgery, she started practicing in Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty. Getting experienced with her practice here, she got into pharmaceutical sectors in one of the biggest international pharmaceutical companies Sanovel. In this journey she focused on the pharmaceutical and alternative dermatological and hair treatments. With her successful treatment methods on hair and skin, she became international operation manager of Sanovel and well known surgeon with her pharmaceutical background. In 2014 she joined to the MedArt family to combine her pharmaceutical background with her surgical experience and surgical talent on hair transplant and dermatological applications. Thanks to her internationally known successful treatment methods and recognition, she participated in numerous conferences and seminars in North America, Europa, Asia and she has performed numerous hair transplant procedures in lots of different countries such as England, Italy, Spain, Russia, Georgia, France, etc… She was experienced performing operations in different countries on a big diversity of different genetics and hair types and also creating even more effective treatments and alternatives. As she is a general surgeon with pharmaceutical background and surgical experience, she has been offering to her patients the most effective surgical and alternative methods on hair and skin treatments for many years. She is also certified mesotherapy and regenerative stem cell expert surgeon. She is fluent in English, Russian, Georgian and Turkish.

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