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  • Our aim is to give the patient tools to reach their health goals.

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About “Pallas Clinic”

PALLAS CLINIC is a network of multi-specialty medical clinics offering comprehensive outpatient healthcare products and services. Believing that healthcare should be not just of quality, but must also be accessible, we integrated “Premier nutrient IV therapy wellness lounge”  and the entire spectrum of medical services into our immunological clinic of integrative medicine that patients need to take better care for their high-performance health..

Everyone can benefit from vivacity infuse. Whether you’re a busy office worker, a busy parent, or you just partied hard this weekend, IV vitamin therapy lets you recharge faster so you can feel your best.

IV therapy is the most effective delivery system with high bioavailability for nutrients, which are often not effectively absorbed in the digestive system. IV infuses the vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream, this is how your body gets in safe, effective, and quick way 100% of IV nutrients. So you get a fast and powerful vivacity boost.

Our aim is to give the patient tools to reach their health goals. With a very personalized approach to each patient’s needs in disease treatment and prevention, we have many tools to create very complex strategic solutions.

We offer 21+ uniquely customized IV blends that deliver a wide range of nutritional benefits and target specific health and immune deficiencies, all administered by licensed and specially trained nurses and supervised by a medical doctor.

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