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Panacea Hair Clinic

  • Painless hair transplantation without scars

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About “Panacea Hair Clinic”

PANACEA HAIR CLINIC is a private medical facility established in 2004, by Peter Hajduk MD. We focus namely on hair transplants using the GHO-FM method, by which we can not only transfer the hair roots, but also reproduce them. Moreover, our team of physicians and medical staff continuously keep improving and streamlining this unique method so that it could perfectly meet the expectations of our patients and, at the same time, it could be as considerate as possible.

In response to requests from clients, the portfolio of our services has gradually expanded and now includes even methods of conservative treatment, which aim to maintaining and improving the quality of hair growth both in men and women. Hand in hand with this development, the clinic changed its name from the original GHO Clinic Prague in January 2013 to its current name, better reflecting the complexity of our services in the field of hair care.

The PANACEA HAIR CLINIC has a team of highly specialized medical experts. Its members passed a long-time training either in the Netherlands or in our training centre in Prague. We meet all the standards of the European Union in the fields of patient security and of the transplant process itself. Our professionals have trained medical experts in Russia, Georgia and Egypt who, by now, can also help to spread the use of this method.

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