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​Rigshospitalet Hospital ​Rigshospitalet Hospital

​Rigshospitalet Hospital

  • ​We are a highly specialised hospital which, with a few exceptions, covers all medical specialist areas.​

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About “​Rigshospitalet Hospital”

​Rigshospitalet’s core narrative embodies our central values and beliefs. They are summed up in the title: “Rigshospitalet for all of Denmark”

Rigshospitalet is a highly specialised hospital for all of Denmark, with international-level treatment, research and training. Rigshospitalet’s exceptional expertise ensures that all patients, irrespective of the rarity or complexity of their illness, receive high-quality treatment within Danish borders.
Through involvement, respect and care we adapt treatments to the individual needs of the patient. Together with colleagues from other hospitals and sectors, we forge an accessible and coherent healthcare service where our focus is always maintained on what is valuable to the individual.
We actively share knowledge through strong partnerships with other hospitals, universities and enterprises. Our strong focus on innovation ensures that new treatments and research results benefit patients in Denmark as well as the rest of the world.
  • A leading hospital for patients needing highly specialised treatment.
  • Internationally outstanding treatment offerings​​.
  • Virtually all medical specialities covered.
  • 150 professors and 2500 publications annually.
  • Represented in 20​​​ of 24​ European Reference Networks.

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