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Schulthess Klinik

  • Schulthess Klinik in Zurich is one of Europe’s leading orthopaedic clinics

Onboard Doctors

No Onboard Doctors.

About “Schulthess Klinik”

In early 2016, the Schulthess Klinik launched an art commission with the aim of building up an innovative collection of art to display at the clinic. The diversity of the different works of art gives the clinic a unique atmosphere and a distinctive character. It can and aims to stimulate discussion and provide pause for thought. Why not take a tour around our clinic and be inspired by the variety of works we have on display?

We are pleased that you have chosen to have your treatment at our clinic. Below you will find some useful information for international patients.

Who do we treat?

Schulthess Klinik’s services for international patients are aimed at:

  • Patients with international health insurance who are resident abroad or in Switzerland
  • Patients resident abroad who are being treated at their own expense

Offered Services