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  • We work together with patients to attain their maximum health.

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About “UMC Utrecht”

Since everyone deserves the best possible healthcare, UMC Utrecht always sets the bar high. The result: innovative, cutting-edge medical treatment that meets the healthcare needs of today and the future. We develop our unique knowledge in this respect together with patients, patient organizations and several partners. Our doctors, researchers and students join forces to solve major medical issues. Patients at UMC Utrecht receive treatment specifically geared to their specific individual needs. Everything we do is aimed at making and keeping people healthy – and at preventing sickness too.

Our physicians, researchers, and graduate students work together to find solutions for a wide range of major medical issues. At UMC Utrecht, we want to prevent and cure disease through patient centered care that is tailored to the needs of the individual. We work every day so that our research, methodologies, and treatments can serve society because we believe everyone deserves the very best care.

At UMC Utrecht we focus on health; every day. In our view, all those who need our medical care are unique individuals with their own wants, needs and preferences. We work together with patients to attain their maximum health. With patient satisfaction as a prerequisite, patients can be assured of our outstanding medical quality and safety. We aim to conduct exceptional research on the international stage, which we then quickly translate into our own patient care and towards patient care elsewhere, so that our care manifestly produces the best possible results.

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