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Vera Clinic

  • With dedication, transparency, and an exceptional team, Vera Clinic sprinkles it’s individual touch of professionalism on hair transplant in Turkey.

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About “Vera Clinic”

Vera Clinic is one of the best hair transplant and cosmetic surgery hospitals in Europe that was conceived in 2013 by Turkey’s leading hair transplant surgeons.

Operating from Istanbul in Turkey, Vera Clinic has become a prominent hub of attraction for health tourists seeking world-class resources from all around the world.

Since it’s foundation and under the hands of our medical team, Vera Clinic has witnessed the transformation of 25,000 patients, each with a different story that began within the walls of our hospital.

The sincere passion for the field has allowed Vera Clinic to contribute to the sector of hair transplant Turkey with multiple groundbreaking inventions.

In nearly a decade since it’s foundation, the Vera Clinic research team led by surgeon Kazim Sipahi tipped the scales on a regional level with the original innovation of both the Sapphire FUE and OxyCure techniques.

The fruits of the sincere and honest work Vera Clinic provides reflects on its patients, where the hospital has the highest satisfaction rates on google.

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