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Internship Program

Internship Program

Are you interested in practicing with us at Acute Doctor?
We are now accepting interns for Autumn 2023!

As an intern with us, you get a supervisor who is with you throughout the internship period and our ambition is to give you the opportunity to work with exciting tasks at a sufficiently qualified level to correspond to what you are studying.

To apply for an internship with us, your internship period must be at least 8 weeks, preferably longer. You need to have relevant training in your field.

Submit your application to us asap due we have limited capacity for accepting interns.

About Acute Doctor

Acute Doctor is a digital medical platform that wants to push the boundaries of what is possible now and make it 100 times better for this planet within telehealth. We worked on the vision To Make telehealth accessible for all humans on the planet and is about contributing to creating and spreading medical care with integrity and love to our fellow human beings. We want telehealth to fulfill a purpose, bring a smile, and above all benefit our patient’s health and well-being. We believe that you have to dare to do good in this life, and you also have to be strong enough to do the right thing.

At Acute Doctor, you get the opportunity to work with many of the world’s most ambitious healthcare providers together with a team that is passionate about developing the most user-friendly telehealth platform. There are great opportunities for personal development and career development within Acute Doctor as well as within our global network.

At Acute Doctor, we believe that there are no bad ideas. We give you the space to make a real impact, in our own unique way. Do you dare to dream bigger, and learn how to solve real-world challenges as an Acute Doctor trainee?


Think like an entrepreneur and explore new possibilities, experiment, and voice out your ideas. Be what it takes to make an impact.


The opportunity to contribute to creating real-world solutions for patients, medical providers, Medical Students, and Medical Mentors.

Be involved in challenging projects with extensive coaching and mentorship.


If you are interested at having your internship at AcuteDoctor, Please email us at [email protected]


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